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We are a Health, Medical, Social & Employment Provider based in Whakatāne.

From pepi to kaumatua—all services are based on a whānau ora approach to well-being. We deliver to all communities.

We are a non-profit charitable organisation that covers the Mataatua/Eastern Bay of Plenty region and beyond.

About Us

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Whānau o Te Puna Ora o Mataatua

Maanu Paul, ONZM

Trustee & Chair of Poutokomanawa Committee

Amohaere Tangitu


Brian Simpson

Deputy Chair

Fiona Wiremu

Chair of TPOOM & Med Central

Karl Smith

Trustee & Chair of Finance & Audit Committee

Pare O'Brien

Independent Practitioner

Tracy Sisson

Practice Administrator

Bena Shephard

Practice Registered Nurse

Sonia Stewart

Healthy Lifestyles, Kaumātua Coordinator

Nikki Wana

Senior Administrator

Lana Maxwell

Te Poutokomanawa Co-ordinator

Abbie Wells

Whānau Ora Team Lead

Tuihi Carre

Māmā-Pepi & Healthy Lifestyles Coordinator

Shelley Cunningham

Deputy Chief Executive

Guy Monika

Healthy Lifestyles, Health promotions Coordinator

Sally Mason

Homebase & ACC Manager

Dr Chris Tooley

Chief Executive

Haromi Williams

Director People & Culture

Kahu Wana

Homebase Coordinator

Julia Coates

Integration Manager

Teresa Leota

Homebase & ACC Registered Nurse

Dr Jethro LeRoy

Medical Director

Arapeta Taitoko

Contracts Manager

Raymond White

Cultural Manager

Hiria Allison

Counselling Manager

Amie Rangihika

Team Lead, Health & Medical Academy (on Maternity Leave)

Pani Melbourne

Homebase Coordinator

Ria Biddle

Whānau Ora Navigator

Kayla Rusden

Finance Administrator

Mere Faulkner-Tihi

Academy & Hub Manager

Lee Colquhoun

Chief Operational Officer

Kahlise Hata

Practice and Mobile Health Manager

Dorothy Raina

Mobile Health Registered Nurse

Moana Merito

Homebase Coordinator

Dr Melanie Cheung

Research Director

Crystal-Lee Daniels

Homebase Coordinator

Tanira Raureti

People & Capability Manager

Haylee King

Executive Assistant

Sharon Waitere

Acting Homebase & ACC Team Lead

Ani Nuku

Whānau Ora Navigator

Matthew Leaf

Physical and Mental Therapist

James Dean


Dana Ngatai

Homebase Coordinator

Samadhi Ericksen-Hei

Finance Manager

Daniel Herbert

Rangatahi Hub Team Lead

Serena Aim

Registered Counsellor

Zach Williams

Spiritual Therapist

Matewai Wharepapa

Whānau Ora Therapist

Kataraina Monika

Rangatahi Representative

Courtney Shaw

Acting Team Leader, Health & Medical Academy

Cory Spanhake

Driving Academy Administrator

Tisa Spanhake

Facilities Manager

Debbie Maxwell

Education & Employment Coordinator

Amanda van Rysewyk

Whānau Ora Navigator

Bobbi Tumata

Finance Administrator

Our Team

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