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Kua tae te wā e āhei ā tātou tamariki mai te rima tau ki te tekau mā tahi tau te pakeke ki te whiwhi i te kano ārai mate. Ā, ko ngā tamariki ngā rangatira Nō reira e te iwi, tēnā wānangahia i wāenga i tō whānau he aha nei te ara tika mā koutou. Anei anō a Te Puna Ora o Mataatua ki te hāpai i ā koe me tō whānau.

Parents and caregivers have the opportunity to protect their tamariki aged 5 to 11 against COVID-19, by being vaccinated with a child (paediatric) formulation of the Pfizer vaccine.

The vaccine used for tamariki is a children’s version of the Pfizer vaccine, with a lower dose and smaller volume. The lower dose was chosen based on a trial which showed the lower dose was safe and had few side effects in this age group.

If a child has their second vaccination after they have turned 12, they should still complete their vaccination course with the paediatric formulation of the Pfizer vaccine.

Tamariki need two doses of the vaccine to be fully protected. It is recommend by The Ministry of Health that these are at least 8 weeks apart. The interval can be shortened to a minimum of 21 days if needed, for example if the tamaiti is starting significant immunosuppression treatment. Tamariki aged 5 to 11 are not eligible for AstraZeneca or booster vaccinations.

We can support you to make an informed decision for your whānau

We want to ensure you have all the information regarding the Pfizer vaccine - here are some helpful resources.

How can we help you & your whānau

We understand that this can be a very unsettling time for whānau when making these decisions. Te Puna Ora o Mataatua can assist you and your whānau in making informed decisions.

E mārama kehokeho ana tātou ki ngā taumahatanga ka pā ki ō tātou whānau i tēnei wā, ki ngā awangawanga nui ka pā ki tēnei take. Me mataara koe ki ngā korero e rērere hāere ana. Tēnā korero ki tō rata, ki tō nēhi rānei. Kei konei hoki mātouj o Te Puna Ora o Mataatua ki te hāpai I a koe me tō whānau.

We can support you with

Mobile Vaccination

Our mobile vaccination team is currently visiting locations throughout Mataatua including marae, workplaces, and other groups like sports clubs and community groups. We are also available to bring vaccinations to your home.

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