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COVID-19 Lockdown has been tough. It has resulted in hardship and losses of jobs. We are here to support you.

He whakamohio tenei he awhina kei i a matau mehemea kei te pokea koe e nga taumahatanga o te wa.

Together we can get through this. #manaakimataatua

Our 0800 Info Line

Do you need support? Call us on 0800 MATAATUA (628 228) or email us on

What Has Happened?

During the COVID-19 lockdown the economy came to a halt. Whānau lost jobs and/or part of their wages/income.

Unemployment and deprivation already existed across Mataatua and this has been exacerbated as well.

It going to take us a while to recover.

Support During Lockdown

In the first four weeks we had over 1000 phone calls to our 0800 Info & Hardship Line (0800 MATAATUA, option 9).

We have been able to help whānau from around Mataatua, with essential care packages like medication subsidies, kai packs, hygiene packs, meat packs and firewood, and even out-of-the-box needs like emergency travel.

Essential Care Packages

Our essential care packages will continue to be supplied for as long as possible.  

While these resources are limited, our team are problem solvers with great knowledge of the community and we will not stop until we can find a way.

Do you need support for the following?

- Food
- Rent
- Prescriptions
- Internet
- Power
- Travel to Doctor

Then contact us. We want to hear from you.

Other Services

We also provide other COVID-19 services, including:

- Free Doctors Appointments for U18s
- Whānau Support
- Counselling
- Advocacy
- Homebased Care
- Social Housing Workshops

Together We Can Get Through This

If you need support, whether it’s for COVID-19 information, financial hardship, a need for advocacy, emotional support, or employment support, call us for a korero - you don't have to do this alone.

We can talk through your needs and help you find the right solution - this might be with making the most of what you already have, by linking you to the right service or we may be able to access some funding that can help.

Don't be whakamā, this is a difficult time for many and that's why support is here.

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