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This service provides a whānau ora early intervention response that works with whānau and their tamariki.

The Children's Team receives referrals from Oranga Tamariki that might benefit from a whānau ora early intervention approach.

Our aim is to turn three month intervention plans into long-term whānau independence pathways.

Children's Team

The Children’s Teams are one part of the Oranga Tamariki early intervention system. The development of the future early intervention system will take time, and it’s important that tamariki and whānau receive the support they need while this happens.

The Children’s Team approach is a way of working hand in hand with families and whānau to create safer lives for at-risk children. We work together with other agencies, non-government organisations and communities to put the child first and ensure their voices are heard. Together we share information and create one plan for each child.

Our Focus

  • On the Tamariki.
  • Get the right people working together.
  • Include frontline professionals from health, education, justice, welfare and social services (both government and NGOs).
  • Assign a lead professional who brings together other professionals and     practitioners to form a Child’s Action Network.
  • Complete an assessment of the child’s needs and develop a plan that supports each child using the services and informal supports within the local community.
  • Are responsible for keeping the plan on track.
  • Are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of each child in the team.


We receive referrals from the Children's Team Panel at Oranga Tamariki in Whakatāne.

All referrals are reviewed by the panel, which decides whether a team approach is the kind of support the tamariki and their whānau needs.

The child or young person and their family need to agree to participate. They actively engage in identifying their own needs, setting goals, and in planning and taking action to work towards their own improved wellbeing.  

We are assigned as their main contact.

The Process

We assess, plan, implement and review.

This development is led by the child and their whānau, steered by our lead professionals and supported by a network of practitioners and professionals who are all working to the same plan.

Next Steps

Once the child and their whānau are able to manage independently without the intensive coordinated response provided by Children’s Teams, they can go on to be supported within their community.

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