Est. 1991, we provide services across the Mataatua/Eastern Bay of Plenty region and beyond.

We are a multiservice integrated organisation that provides a whānau ora approach to well-being of all clients and whānau.

We focus on accessibility and affordability. We also focus on partnerships and innovation to ensure our services are second to none.

Te Puna Ora o Mataatua is one of the top five Māori health providers across the country.

The guiding philosophy of our organisation.

Ngā Pou o te Ora I Ngā Puna o te Waiora

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The waka is symbolic, carrying all those connected to Te Puna Ora o Mataatua on our collective journey towards quality, accessible and relevant health and wellbeing services for our clients and their whānau (family).  It is our connectedness and understanding of our past (where we have come from) and present (our current course) that will enable us to forge new pathways, develop new models and engage in collaborative relationships in pursuit of our vision and mission - towards a better future of health and wellbeing for our clients, whānau and community.  The duality of the waka represents total inclusivity – the manifestation of two worlds, wairua and the reflection of wairua – providing balance and harmony.


The koru (spirals) are our clients who are embraced in the care of Te Puna Ora o Mataatua.  The pikopiko (the tip) are the new and emerging clients who unfurl and blossom under our care. The health and wellbeing of our clients is intertwined and linked to the taha tinana (our land), taha hinengaro (our air) and taha wairua (our water).


The wai flows towards the puna (spring) reconnecting us to the healthy rejuvenating source and then flows back and forth, up and down, interweaving and connecting our clients, whānau and communities. 

It is also a spiritual element of identity and capacity for life. The communion between people and their spirituality, the conduit between the kauae runga (celestial) and the kauae raro (terrestrial)


The puna symbolises the importance of water to the health and wellbeing of all living things. At the base of it all 'water is life' and it is with the greatest respect we value and treasure our clients and support them to achieve ‘health and wellbeing’.

Ngā Tae

Ngā Tae (colours) symbolise our connection to Papatūānuku (the earth/green) and our connection to Ranginui (the sky/blue). The healthy rejuvenating wai (water) is represented by the colour white.

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