All Covid-19 Requirements removed. 

Effective from 12:01am Tuesday 15 August, 7-day mandatory isolation, wearing of face masks for visitors to healthcare facilities have been removed. However, it is recommended that you stay home for 5 days if you are māuiui or have tested positive for Covid-19. 

We no longer provide Covid-19 vaccinations.

We want to express our deep appreciation for your unwavering support and resilience over the past few years as this has been the driving force behind our commitment to serving you our whānau, and our wider hapori.

As part of our commitment to delivering to the needs of whānau, we are thrilled to announce that we will temporarily close our service to plan. This intermission is crucial as we embark on an exciting phase of service enhancements.

During this time, our dedicated team will work diligently behind the scenes to revamp and elevate our service to help minimise the barriers for health care within our area.

What can you expect when we return?

  1. Mobile Vaccination Clinics: Deploy mobile vaccination teams equipped with vaccines, cold storage facilities, and trained healthcare professionals to reach our rural communities.
  1. Community Health Workers: Train and deploy community health workers who can use mobile devices to follow up long term conditions, monitor patients, and provide health education.
  1. Partnerships with Local Organizations: Collaborate with local providers, iwi, hapū, and government agencies to extend the reach and impact of mobile health initiatives and assist where possible within the healthcare sector.

Successful implementation of mobile health initiatives requires strong community engagement, cultural sensitivity, and collaboration with local stakeholders. By leveraging mobile technology, we can bridge the healthcare gap and create healthier, more resilient rural communities.

Please visit Book My Vaccine to find a vaccination site near you.

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