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Events and Day Programmes for our Kaumātua.

Programme offers a range of mentally, physically and socially stimulating activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We ensure kaumātua are accessing all the healthcare resources they require included homebased support services.

Our Programme

This programme aims to contribute to the reduction in health inequalities by engaging with kaumātua to participate and introduce healthier lifestyles and changed habits, enhancing positive social and functional activities of koroua and kuia.

This programme provides a range of mentally and socially stimulating activities which is expected to provide health, recreational and therapeutic benefits which focuses on holistic wellness.

Targeted Activities

We support our kaumātua with special health and wellbeing needs including:

  • Day Programmes
  • Native Rongoā, Mirimiri & Healing
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Asthma, Diabetes Advice
  • Breast & Cervical Screening Advice
  • Heart and Cardiac Health
  • Physical Activity—Walking, Biking, Waka Ama, Tai Chi, Swimming, Kapa Haka
  • Guest Speakers—Key Messages

Waka Ama

One of the highlights of the Kuia and Koroua programme is the participation of our teams in the National Waka Ama Championships. This involves many hours of training on the water but well worth it in the end.

Additional Resources

We work with other services across our organisation to ensure kaumātua have all the adequate resources including Whānau Ora, Med Central GP Practice and Homebase Support Services.

How It Works

Kaumātua support services can be accessed by self-referral, midwives, GPs and other maternity health providers.

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