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We work with Mama of all ages to support them and their pēpi up to 2 years of age.  

We provide Mama with education, support, advocacy, advice, resources and connections.

We design plans with the Mama to ensure they get the best start to the life of a young family and beyond.

We sit and discuss what is important with Mama and help to identify goals that support their present, and their future. Mama and whānau goals are then supported with a wider network of services.


Our programme includes traditional knowledge to help prepare Mama and Pēpi for birth and breastfeeding.  

Mothercraft navigation including budgets, healthy eating, dealing with minor health issues, questions about immunisations, Auahikore referrals, career path ways and all those Q&A in between.

We work with other organisations and services across the rohe to ensure our Mama have the ability to connect and access support where needed.


Mama, Papa and wider whānau are invited and encouraged to attend Wahakura weaving wānanga (safe sleeping spaces) that are held throughout the year, promoting Safe Sleeping spaces for your pēpi.

Papa are encouraged to attend and taught how to make ipu taonga (carved) and ipu whenua (clay) for their pēpi which gives whānau ‘hands on’ experience and connection to traditional and cultural practices.

New and exciting kaupapa are being added to these events—so watch this space!

Additional Resources

We work with other services across our organisation to ensure mama has all the adequate resources including Whānau Ora, Oranga Tamariki, Med Central GP Practice and Counselling Services.

How It Works

Mama and Pēpi support services can be accessed by self-referral, midwives, GPs and other maternity health providers.

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