This programme brings together a range of services and support to provide pathways into health sector jobs.

The Health and Medical Academy is located at 90 King Street, Whakatāne.

The Academy has been funded by Ministry of Social Development and Te Aka Whai Ora as a way to bring more health professionals into the Aotearoa job market.

What we do

Our Health and Medical Academy is one of the first in the country, established in November 2020. It will provide employment pathways and professional development for over 150 people per annum into jobs across the Health and Medical sector in the Bay of Plenty. Not only that, but it will also emphasize the importance of home and community in rongoā.

The Academy is an extension of the Rangatahi Hub helping to direct rangatahi into becoming skilled kaimahi in healthcare.

Pathways & Health Careers

The Academy prepares tauira (students) with a hands-on learning style, offering a high-quality training programme that provides pathways into several areas.

This includes:

  • Nursing, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives.
  • Counsellors, Rongoā Specialists, Therapists, and Mental Health clinicians.
  • Health Diagnostic Specialists.
  • Health Promotion Kaiārahi.
  • Health Administrators, Healthcare Assistants.
  • Homebased Support and ACC Support Workers and Caregivers.

We provide pathways for our support workers, nursing and midwifery students to staircase into higher vocational, tertiary, and employment opportunities.

The Health Sector

The Health sector is the largest employment sector across the Bay of Plenty and provides significant career opportunities heading into the future.

REPORT: Workforce Demand & Tertiary Education Participation for EBOP Health Sector

Tuakana – Teina

We know that pathway transitions to higher levels of vocational, tertiary and employment can be challenging. With an overall aim to extend on and consolidate our existing pathways in our Toitū Oranga, Toitū Rongoā Medical Academy, this programme will provide a full and relevant set of staircased pathways for Kaiāwhina hauora. The Kaiāwhina Workforce Training and Development Programme will strengthen our current staircasing pathways into levels 5, 6 and 7 for kaiāwhina hauora across the Te Moana o Toi (Bay of Plenty). 

Concentrate on specialised roles – nurturing and building pathways towards becoming nurse practitioners. With declining GP workforce and integrated and mobile demand for health services, nurse practitioners will become the cornerstone of the clinical health system in years to come.

The Māori Workforce Tuakana-Teina Programme will nurture and build pathways for nēhi Māori and tauira Māori enrolled in EBOP nursing programmes towards becoming nurse practitioners.

The intended services to be delivered include hui-ā-kanohi, practical kaupapa Māori learning opportunities and tuakana, teina wānanga, which will have positive impacts on the taha hinengaro and taha wairua of every tauira Māori and kaimahi – both tuakana and teina.


Monthly hui-ā-kanohi will support nēhi Māori by providing a space to share experiences, ask questions and receive guidance from healthcare professionals. It will also be a platform for training on specific topics relating to clinical and cultural competency along with broader issue discussion related to healthcare and the hapori. This is a way to foster a more inclusive and culturally responsive healthcare system, with the hopes to inspire and support senior nēhi Māori advancement, professional development and to pathway into specialist roles.

Monthly hui-ā-kanohi will also be available for tauira Māori, to support and inspire them from their first year of study until they, themselves, become nēhi Māori.

Kaupapa Māori

Our kaupapa Māori based services will be beneficial for tauira Māori to gain valuable insight into mātauranga Māori solutions to healthcare. Onsite learning at Rehua Medical Centre and Te Wheke o Muturanagi Reception will be an opportunity for tauira Māori to explore holistic, kaupapa Māori practices along with traditional approaches to health with focus on hinengaro, kare-ā-roto, wairua and whānau. Tauira Maori will also get to learn about our Whānau Ora model of care which empowers whānau to develop and achieve long term plans, goals and aspirations.

How Our Medical Academy Works

Wāhanga Tuatahi:
Make Contact


We welcome those that have been unemployed long-term or are looking for a new direction as a consequence of the pandemic.

Wāhanga Tuarua:
The Plan

For every individual, a customised plan is designed from a Whānau Ora approach.

The plan allows individuals to receive a range of integrated services including driving lessons, medical check-ups, counseling and addiction interventions, nutrition plans, mana tangata wānanga, and IT and financial wānanga to name a few.

Each individual is enrolled in our employment program, depending on the chosen employment pathway, to up-skill. This can include work-experience placements.

Wāhanga Tuatoru: Qualifications or Placements

Depending on the chosen employment pathway, individuals are placed directly into jobs or placed in tertiary courses to gain the right qualification.

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