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We provide health training for all ages interested in health sector employment.

This programme brings together a range of services for all ages, particularly those between 25-55 years of age, in one location and provides pathways into health sector jobs.

The Health and Medical Academy is located at 132 McAlister Street, Whakatāne (next to the Nursing School, Awanuiārangi).

The Academy has been funded by Te Ara Mahi and the Provincial Growth Fund as a way to bring more health professionals into the New Zealand job market.

What We Do

Our Health and Medical Academy is one of the first in the country, established in November 2020.It will provide employment pathways and professional development for over 150 people per annum into jobs across the Health and Medical sector in the Bay of Plenty. Not only that, but it will also emphasise the importance of home and community in Kiwi medicine.

The Academy is an extension of the Rangatahi Hub helping to direct rangatahi into becoming skilled healthcare workers.

Pathways & Health Careers

The Academy prepares students with a hands-on learning style, offering a high-quality training programme that provides pathways into a number of areas.

This includes:

  • Nursing, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives.
  • Counsellors, Rongoa Specialists, Therapists, Mental Health clinicians.
  • Health Diagnostic Specialists.
  • Health Promotion Kaiārahi.
  • Health Administrators, Healthcare Assistants.
  • Homebased Support and ACC Support Workers and Caregivers.

The Health Sector

The Health sector is the largest employment sector across the Bay of Plenty and provides significant career opportunities heading into the future.

Report: Workforce Demand and Tertiary Education Participation for EBOP Health Sector.

A screenshot of the front page of the Workforce Demand report.

How Our Medical Academy Works:

Phase One: Make Contact

Visit us at 132 McAlister Street, Whakatāne (next to the Nursing School, Awanuiārangi or email academy@tpoom.co.nz

We welcome those that have been unemployed long-term or are looking for a new direction as a consequence of the pandemic

Phase Two: The Plan

For every individual, a customised plan is designed from a whānau ora approach.

The plan allows individuals to receive a range of integrated services including driving lessons, medical check-ups, counselling and addiction interventions, nutrition plans, mana tangata workshops, IT and financial workshops to name a few.

Each individual is enrolled in our employment program, depending on the chosen employment pathway, to up-skill. This can include work-experience placements.

Phase Three: Qualifications or Placements.

Depending on the chosen employment pathway, individuals are place directly into jobs or placed in tertiary courses to gain the right qualification.

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