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We are proud to grant sponsorships for individuals and organisations that support health, education, and wellbeing for Māori communities across Mataatua & the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis and prioritises individuals, schools, marae, hapū and community organisations who demonstrate how they can meet these goals and align with our values and principles.

Community Sponsorship:

We have $10,000 each quarter available for community sponsorship (a total of $40,000 per annum). This will be distributed across the applications we receive each round.

The Process:


Applicants download and send in their application form to sponsorship@tpoom.co.nz by the deadline below. You will also need to include quotes and a GST invoice in your application, along with any other supporting information.

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Our Senior management team will review applications within the four weeks following the deadline.

They will be guided by the criteria below and by our Poutokomanawa Framework. Decisions are full and final.


You will be advised on the outcome within 6 weeks of the application closing date.


Successful applicants will have funding paid directly to a supplier or be given to the organisation/individual/parent as appropriate. There will be some accountability requirements, such as keeping your receipts and sharing your awesome photos and amazing stories afterwards.

Successful applicants will be listed on our website with the photos and stories once supplied.

Timelines for each Quarter:

Applications received after the closing dates will be considered in the next quarterly funding round.


1. The initiative/project/event must show that it can improve at least one of the following for Mataatua whānau:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Culture
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Well-Being

2. Applicants must be affiliated to Mataatua rohe or event is held in Mataatua.

3. Priority is to provide sponsorship to individuals, schools, marae, hapū and community organisations.

4. Applicants can only receive funding once every 12 months.

5. Applicants need to note how they will promote or acknowledge TPOOM. Photos/Videos will be required to be submitted afterwards as evidence of investment and impact.

Successful Applicants:

Successful applicants for each quarter will be listed here after each funding round.

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