Our ACC Service supports clients and whānau to live at home after an accident/injury or for long-term conditions or disabilities.

We provide ACC Service across the Eastern Bay of Plenty region and into Tauranga and Rotorua. 

We provide medical experts as well as trained local support workers to care and support our clients from an integrated whānau ora approach to well-being.

Packages of Care

Short-Term Independence

Suffered an injury or accident? Needing support while you recover? The short-term independence package is a tailored six week plan designed to help you mend.

Let our support workers look after household and personal care while you concentrate on full-recovery. Just rest, no stress.

Return to Independence

If six weeks is not long enough, the return to independence package allows you more time to mend until you’re mobile again.

Recover at your own pace without the hassle of thinking that help is going to disappear.

Maximising Independence

This package provides long term support, whether it’s 2 years, 20 years or a lifetime. 

Get the help you need to enhance your independence to the best of your ability with our super qualified family of ACC support workers.

We ensure that no matter what your physical disability there is nothing you cannot do.

How It Works

If you have had an accident or injury or have a long-term disability we can provide the care you and your whānau need. All you need to do is advise ACC that you have chosen Te Puna Ora o Mataatua to provide your care and they will pass your details on to us. We can also contact ACC on your behalf. Once we receive your referral, we’ll then make contact with you and design a customised care plan and arrange the support you required.


Homebase support services are free. 

We receive funding from ACC to deliver the care plan you need.

We do things differently

We provide cares from a whānau ora approach to well-being. We ensure participation in the community is maintained regardless of the injury or disability.

We also ensure other wrap-around services are integrated into the care plan.


We are members of the Solora Healthcare and Rehabilitation network.

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