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Integrated Wrap-Around Service for Rangatahi/Youth who are between 16-24 years of age.

This programme brings together a range of services customised for Rangatahi/Youth under one roof.

We are able to take referrals younger than 16 years of age on a case-by-case basis.

As of July 2019, the Hub has over 140 rangatahi with their own customised plans working towards education, training or employment outcomes.

The programme is free for all enrolled rangatahi/youth.

How the Hub Works:

Phase 1—Make Contact

Visit us or email rangatahihub@tpoom.co.nz

Phase 2—The Plan

For every rangatahi/youth, a customised individual plan is designed from a whānau ora approach to achieving independence.

An individual plan could take weeks, months or even a year, depending on what the rangatahi/youth wants to overcome or achieve.

Phase 3—Building Blocks

Each plan is made up of a combination of the following building blocks:

Driving Academy
Lessons towards learners or restricted licence.

Alcohol, drug, trauma and mental health issues.

Health check-up and specialist referrals at Med Central.

Transferrable IT, financial and literacy workshops.

Youth Employment Programme (YEP)
Building confidence and skill-base.

Life Skills
Resume, Bank Accounts, IRD number, LinkedIn Profiles.

Customised nutritionist plans in line with diets and budgets.

Mana Tangata
Cultural programme, identity, values, independence.

Phase 4—Placements

Once the plan is completed, the Hub will either place the rangatahi back into education, into training or tertiary studies or find them employment opportunities.

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