We provide workshops and one-on-one nutrition advice on how to access affordable, nutritious kai for them and their whānau.

Our nutritionist can design custom kai plans with whānau, give advice on how to shop better for less, and incorporate healthier foods in to our daily diets.

Key Components

We provide nutrition and kaupapa Māori kai workshops to support our whānau and community in their kai journey.

Our workshops are tailored to specific groups and their needs. Depending on the focus we tailor the content of our workshops to the kaupapa of time and cohort.

In the past our nutritionist has delivered workshops based on:
  • Nutrition basics
  • Maara kai
  • Kai gathering and foraging
  • Kaupapa Māori approaches to kai
  • Healthy meals on a budget
  • Rangatahi nutrition
  • Māmā/pēpi nutrition
  • Cooking workshops

Tū Māia Rangatahi Workshop Series

Our nutritionist delivers a series of nutrition workshops down at the Tū Māia Rangatahi Hub in Kōpeopeo. There are two workshop streams – one is directed to rangatahi through our YEP programme and another is open to the community. Dates for these workshops are advertised on the Tū Māia Rangatahi Facebook page and all are welcome to attend.

Kaupapa Māori

Kai is so much more than just the foods that we put in our mouths. Our nutritionist uses a holistic approach to nutrition that takes into account whānau values, world-view, life-style, culture and whānau situation. It is a unique approach that focusses on the whānau as a whole and is inclusive of all aspects of life. Our approach to nutrition also draws from knowledge gained from our research on Enhancing the Cultural Reproduction of Kai and collaborating with our partners at Toi Tangata.

Tamariki & Rangatahi

We have a specialist service for tamariki (2-14 years old) and rangatahi (15-18 years old) who have been classified as obese. Read our Healthy Lifestyles service to fund out more.

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