Third Annual Conference on Native American Nutrition

The ultimate goal is for whānau to be able to live sustainably, improve their health and become more connected to their culture through food.

Influenza Epidemic: Rongo Nuku of Whakatane

Influenza Epidemic: Nurse Maud Mataira of Whakatane

The Question of Whānau Ora’s Political Resilience

Whānau Ora is under review. It deserves to be expanded by the Labour-led Government.

Whakatane Is Being Left Behind. Its the Economy, Stupid!

The Provincial Growth Fund provides significant potential for economic development. Ōpotiki and Kawerau are leaving Whakatane behind.

Tribal and Whānau Security Critical for Māori Mental Illness

History shows us Māori psychological and mental health comes from tribal and family security.

Understanding Definitions of Health

Our Communities War on Drugs and Alcoholism

Dr Kingi argues that we need to focus on the war against alcoholism, not just the battes against P and Synthetic Cannabis.

Māori Targets Need To Be Included in Child Poverty Reduction Bill

Te Puna Ora Mataatua supports this Bill with amendments; it needs to include specific and pre-emptive Māori child poverty targets.

Entrenchment Mechanisms Absent In Periodic Reporting

Māori Remain Marginalised in BOPDHB Restructure

The BOPDHB Māori restructuring proposal continues to silo Māori and avoids an integrated approach to healthcare.

New Organisational Model Required for BOPDHB Māori Restructure

The new BOPDHB Māori restructure continues to silo Māori, a new integrated and unified model is required.

New Provisions Need To Be Funded in Family Violence Legislation

Te Puna Ora O Mataatua supports the new provisions for victims of domestic violence. Providers need to be funded to implement changes required.

Oranga Tamariki Policy Requires Significant Changes

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