Lisa Kelly | Ngai Tai

He kaipōkai, he mama, he nanny. Ko Lisa Kelly tēnei. 

Lisa Kelly is passionate about revitalising and reclaiming traditional Māori birthing practices. 

Having practiced midwifery for more than 20 years, Lisa encourages whānau to utilise traditional cultural practices for mama and whānau preparing for birth. 

To Lisa Kelly, traditional Māori birthing is more than a physical practice, it embodies all elements. 

Throughout her career she has learnt and adapted practices into her mahi and built her birthing kete with these resources to utilise during a birth. 

She has experienced her fair share of challenges during her mahi, most of which come from a lack of cultural understanding. To Lisa, the research is in the births that have taken place and the mokopuna that are here today. 

Lisa still has more to learn and more to share with mama, papa and whānau and has high hopes for the future. But in the mean time, she is working on reclaimation and revitalisation, utilising traditional and contemporary practices. 

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