Next Generation Whānau Ora Model

Next Generation Whānau Ora Model

TPOOM is a successful recipient of the MOH Innovation Fund 2019-2022.

Te Puna Ora o Mataatua is pleased to announce that it is a successful recipient of the Ministry of Health Te Ao Auahatanga Hauora Māori Innovation Fund 2019-2022.

Over the next three years, we will design, consult on and develop the Next Generation Whānau Ora Model.

Focusing on Rangatahi, it will allow us to design an integration programme that brings together multiple contracts from multiple agencies into one seamless whānau ora approach.

Staff are often overstretched and under resourced in delivering operational outputs/KPIs relating to individual contracts meeting the demands of individual agencies. Across organisations and providers, this results in a multi-services approach rather than a true whānau ora one.

Ultimately, it is anticipated the programme will create a single mātua referral/enrolment template for all multi-agency services in Whakatane on an online digital interface and allow TPOOM to deliver, manage and report on the overall well-being programme of whānau and rangatahi.

A key component of the design phase will be holding public/stakeholder events in and around Whakatane to consult and collaborate with whānau and the local community on the integration programme.

At the end of the three year period, it is expected TPOOM would have engaged over 25% of all rangatahi across the Whakatane District.

In developing this new model, TPOOM will draw from its existing programmes, including Whānau Ora delivery service, the He Poutama Rangatahi Service (Tū Māia Rangatahi Hub) and Med Central GP practice that offers free doctors appointments for U18s.

TPOOM will be shortly recruiting an Integration Manager, Kaiārahi Coordinator and Programme Administrator to lead this initiative.

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