Research Into How Governance Models Address Inequity

Research Into How Governance Models Address Inequity

TPOOM awarded Research Project by Ngā Pae o Te Maramatanga.
We’re are pleased to announce that we will be starting a research project on how new models of governance can address persisting inequalities. The project entitled “Persisting Inequalities and the Potential for Intervention Through New Governance Models” has been awarded to TPOOM by Ngā Pae o Te Maramatanga at the University of Auckland. The research will be undertaken by our Research Institute and be completed by December 2020. Members of the research project include Dr Annemarie Gillies, Fiona Wiremu, Professor Graham Smith and Dr Jason Mika. Overview of Project:
  • The first phase of the project will be to map Māori governance models, including structure, form, function, practice and values and how they aim to meet the social, economic, political and cultural expectations of their communities;
  • This initial phase will also look at how each governance model identifies and perceives the inequities around them and respective interventions designed;
  • Second, the project will sample international indigenous models of governance for comparative analysis;
  • Third, will be to look at the difference between organic Māori governance models and models developed as part of Crown/Iwi negotiations.
It is expected the final report will provide a comprehensive overview of governance models and what are the key successful elements of governance in addressing inequities faced by Māori.
Redesigned Institute of Directors Māori Governance Course hosted by TPOOM in February 2018

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