Research to investigate Homebase Model of Care

Does a Single Pricing Index model of funding work for the healthcare of Māori?

Te Puna Ora o Mataatua has been awarded funding from the Ministry of Health to investigate the Homebase Responsive Model of Care across the Bay of Plenty. The research will be carried by Dr Annemarie Gillies, Director of our Health and Populations Research Institute.

At the heart of the newly designed Homebase Responsive Model of Care that began in 2016 is a single pricing index (SPI) for the entire Bay of Plenty.

With multiple providers and alliances with different client compositions and volumes that deal with multiple variations such as deprivation, rural/urban locations and complex and/or Māori populations, this research will consider the equity of resources and quality of care the SPI provides.

Through quantitative and qualitative analysis the research will focus on:

  • How the SPI model upholds the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi;
  • How the SPI model caters for variations such as deprivation, rural/urban locations and complex and/or Māori populations;
  • What are the economies of scale and other financial assumptions that underpin the SPI model; and
  • What are the equity or mitigation mechanisms built into the SPI model.

Over the course of the investigation, the Institute will invite other providers to participate, in particular Māori providers, to provide their views, experiences and data in reaching any conclusions.

The research will be a six-month project, starting in July 2019 and concluding by the end of the year.

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