What Rehua Medical means to us

As we move into a bigger, better space, it's important to have a new name for our service that better reflects our kaupapa.

Rehua Medical, our all new medical hub doesn’t just bring new next generation facilities, it’s also bringing us closer to an integrated model of care alongside the Te Puna Ora o Mataatua whānau. That’s why it’s so important that we’ve given a new name to this service that better reflects our kaupapa.

At our new location, Med Central has become Rehua Medical.

Rehua Medical
Rehua is spoken as the Chief among our stars. It is also the tenth and highest of heavenly realms for Māori. Rehua possesses the power of health, the ability to heal and the gift to cure disease. In aspiring to the highest levels of health and medical care for our communities, Rehua is our navigating star.

As the eldest son of Rangi and Papa and first manifesting as lightening, Rehua also is a source of invigoration and innovation, guiding us to push the boundaries in exploring new ways of serving our whānau.

Our new logo starts with the Rehua Star as the central feature. The colour of purple is an extension of our gradient that we use for our Te Puna Ora o Mataatua logo. But it is also a nod to the global hauora community of which we are a part.

The puna at the base of the star is taken from our Te Puna Ora o Mataatua logo representing the tōpūtanga Rehua Medical is a part of and its contribution to the overall integrated regional service delivery model. ‍ The stars at the bottom left symbolise the chieftainship of Rehua. They also represent our Mobile Unit called Rehua Nuku Ora that will act as a satellite working with whānau in rural isolated townships taking medical care mobile and becoming embedded in the community.

It all comes back to whānau, and serving them the best way possible. We are privileged to walk alongside you on your health journey to find healing approaches that work for you. Find out more about the move here.

To enrol or book your appointment, head to the Rehua Medical page.

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